Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Announcing Grand Prix Magic Festival 2015 (Atlanta)!

Summer of 2015 means Grand Prix Magic Festival is back for its Atlanta stop!  Head to the greater Atlanta-ish area the weekend of June 19th, 2015 to join thousands of Magic fans and enjoy all that Magic has to offer.  

Format: Standard Masters block sealed deck day 1, draft day 2

  • One-Day Pass Friday only: $70
  • One-Day Pass Saturday or Sunday: $150
  • All-Access Weekend Pass: $340
VIP Packages (all packages include an All-Access Weekend Pass):
  • Side Event VIP (fixed side event seating, plus receive a pseudonym for when your name is called because you're late to a side event - never let your friends know you're drafting in round 4 again!  Also included: access to the Losers Lounge) - $450 
  • Bottle Service (3 litre "handle" of water and up to 10 glasses (ice included) every 3 rounds, plus enjoy the privacy of a roped off private match area. Includes one free Commander side event entry) - $750
  • Platinum Emperion (all benefits of bottle service and side event VIP packages, plus one Bic pen and Grand Prix life pad, PLUS VIP golf cart rides to the restroom located near the hall's northwest entrance.  Platinum Emperion members are guaranteed to receive a playmat while supplies and our desire to provide playmats last) - $1250
Prize Pool: $4,000 for first, $2,700 for 2nd, with cash prizes all the way down to 100th place!  The winner will also be driven to the airport following the event in the tournament organizer's own 2015 Lamborghini Aventador.

On behalf of FutureTimes Games we hope to see you there, and we hope you're one of the approximately 5 players expected to open an Ultra-Mythic Rare!


  1. great as usual, Sperling.

  2. It seems that it'd just be foolish to go for anything less than Platinum Emperion.

  3. It wouldn't' make fiscal sense to do anything other then purchase Platinum Emperion and the light the rest of your money on fire

  4. The bullshit kandy kid rainbow gaiters were my favorite part.

  5. Hey...can I run the seminars and panel events alongside this? Then we can have a roped off area with extra security and sell access...