Friday, December 5, 2014

On Marcio Carvalho DQ

Wizards recap:

My note from facebook in a more public space:
For anyone who doesn't know, Marcio has done this cheat time and again, such as vs me AND Tom Martell in PT Amsterdam after he did it against Tom and I begged Toby Elliott to have a judge watch my match with Marcio the following round but he declined. I tried to watch him, I really did, but he had the life totals wrong and I go to score pad to correct it and there you go he topdecks a situationally perfect sideboard card (some falter effect) that wasn't good against me or Tom generally but was topdecked in the final turn against both of us after some distraction tactics. Tom had warned me Marcio cheated him but didn't say how so I didn't know EXACTLY what to look for, just to ask Toby for help. After that draft pod Tom and I compared notes and it was same cheat - card "topdecked" off sideboard or from hidden zone after distraction tactics. Fuck this guy.

Is it possible he really did legitimately topdeck all these cards against all these people over the years and is really bad at counting his deck, putting away his sideboard, keeping the life total, etc.?  Ya it's possible, but don't bet your tournament entry fee on it if they let Marcio ever play again.